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On Being Deaf and Having a Sound Heart

From the opening article of this series, we know that a sound spiritual heart actually gives physical strength too. It is harder for depression, stress or anxiety to take over a sound heart. People with a sound heart can be physically stronger because they are happier and more driven to

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The elephant’s rope

By: Abu Umaymah Source: E Islam Very often our past learning experiences inhibit our development and growth. We sometimes are so discouraged by setbacks in life that we don’t explore new avenues of progress. One of the secrets of success is that we should not fear failures. Remember that “failure” is NOT

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The Virtues of Friday (Jummah)

By: Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Source: SunniPath It is recommended to recite Surat al-Kahf completely the night before Friday, and it is also recommended to do so Friday itself, before Maghrib time. Ibn Abidin said, And it is best to do so early on Friday, in order to rush to the good and

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