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How Forgiving Benefits Us

Home Purification How Forgiving Benefits Us PURIFICATION How Forgiving Benefits Us by Saadia Mirza 20 April 2017 0 comment banner banner 13k shares Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on WhatsApp Isn’t it hard for us to forgive the ones who hurt us, the ones who broke our hearts? Sometimes we’re hurt by the people who are nearest to us, so it

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Khadijah (RA)

Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid RA Umm-Al-Mu’minīn (Mother of Believers) Note: For ease of reading, we have not inserted “May Allah be pleased with her (RA)” each time Khadijah’s RA name or the name of each Companion is mentioned, but please take it that the salutations apply to all of them, may Allah be

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