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How to smile the Sunna

By: Deana Nassar Source: Jamiatul Ulama A smile is an instant message to those we know as well as those we do not know. It is received and understood even before we speak to or greet someone. Smiling doesn’t seem like a particularly complicated act. You feel a happy emotion, the corners of your

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Al Aqsa: the third sanctuary

By: Jamiatul Ulama (edited by MuslimVillage) Source: Jamiatul Ulama Masjid Al-Aqsa has always been dear to the hearts of Muslims, but how much do we know about Islam’s third holiest site and its history? The Prophet (peace be upon him) advised: “None of you is a true believer until he loves for his brother

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50 points on prayer – salat

By: AL-IMAAM AL-MARWAZEE Source: Jamiatul Ulama On the request of our Noble Shaikh ‘Abdirazzaq al-Badr asking us students to compile 50 points of benefit from the book Tadheem Qadr as-Salah by al-Imam al-Marwazee (taught by the Shaikh here in Madeenah) showing the importance of Salah in Islam. Here are 50 points, may

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